Semtech 发布 GN2154 的样品

Semtech 宣布为 5G 无线市场提供业界领先的 IC 解决方案样品

Bi-directional ClearEdge® CDR with an integrated single-ended EML driver offers the lowest power and smallest package size for SFP28 LAN-WDM (LWDM) optical modules

CAMARILLO, Calif., Sept. 10, 2020Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, today announced immediate sampling of Semtech’s industry leading ClearEdge® Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) platform. The bi-directional ClearEdge CDR integrates a single-ended EML laser driver optimized to enable the use of alternative optics for 5G wireless solutions and offers the lowest power and smallest package size for SFP28 LAN-WDM (LWDM) optical modules.

“Semtech has worked closely with its customers and laser partners to understand the challenges of developing an effective solution for LWDM optical transceiver modules and we believe this is a truly disruptive solution in this space,” said Raza Khan, Senior Market Manager for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group. “Semtech offers a broad and unique portfolio to enable complete 5G wireless solutions with an extensive range of module requirements. We expect to continue leading the 5G wireless market with innovative IC offerings.”

5G wireless front haul infrastructure requires a combination of optical modules with requirements changing based on regional differences, deployment area considerations and carrier preferences. In regions where it is typically difficult to install fiber more readily or reduce overhead costs, carriers are increasingly introducing new “colored” optical modules that send and receive multiple wavelengths on a single fiber. One common type of colored optical module is the LWDM, offering a balance of cost, power and number of wavelengths supported. However, key challenges in LWDM module deployments include high cost, high power and lack of integration in the IC.

Semtech’s ClearEdge (GN2154) IC enables industry-leading performance in LWDM modules with low cost EML lasers, while offering ultra-low power of 550mW typical (with 1.85VppSE driver swing) in a small 3.24mm x 2.05mm WLCSP package. GN2154 also offers advanced features such as RSSI and OMA LOS support, internal loopback, industrial temperature support, and Semtech’s proprietary eye-shaping features for maximizing performance.

GN2154 is available for immediate sampling with mass production expected in December 2020. Semtech also plans to provide customers with a complete Reference Design Kit (RDK) to minimize time-to-market.

Semtech 用于 5G 无线应用的 ClearEdge CDR 和 FiberEdge™ PMD 平台包括:

  • 25G SFP28 300m LR-lite, LR 10km, BiDi, CWDM, MWDM optical modules
    • GN2152: Bi-directional 24-28G ClearEdge CDR with Integrated DML driver
    • GN1086: Next generation 24-28G FiberEdge TIA
  • 25G SFP28 LWDM optical modules
    • GN2154: Bi-directional 24-28G ClearEdge CDR with Integrated SE EML driver
    • GN1086: Next generation 24-28G FiberEdge TIA
  • 25G SFP28 DWDM, Tunable optical modules
    • GN2146: Bi-directional 24-28G ClearEdge CDR with Integrated EML / MZM driver
    • GN1086: Next generation 24-28G FiberEdge TIA

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