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Z-Platform 是什么?

Semtech's Z-Platform is a proprietary circuit protection technology platform designed to provide superior circuit protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and overvoltage in consumer and portable electronic devices. Semtech's Z-Platform performance standards go far beyond the industry's demanding ESD immunity requirements to help customers successfully complete their products. As today's integrated circuit transistors continue to shrink in size, Z-Platform ESD protection devices provide industry-leading ESD protection margins and even protect very sensitive data circuits. 

使用 Z-Platform 技术

Semtech's Z-Platform utilizes a variety of enhancement techniques to reduce device capacitance and ESD clamping voltage, improve surge immunity, and deliver the industry's premier high-efficiency package design. This device platform optimizes ESD and surge voltage clamping performance, but uses a small amount of PCB space required for traditional transient voltage suppression (TVS) devices.


Because today's high-speed digital interfaces often experience external ESD events, TVS protecting these devices must have very low ESD clamps and ultra-low junction capacitance. The high-speed data interface is very sensitive, and even the junction capacitance on the interface is less than 1 picofarad (pF). Z-Platform ESD protection equipment uses an advanced process to achieve inherent low TVS junction capacitance. The low capacitance achieved with Semtech's new advanced processing technology ensures that the signal integrity of the final product design is preserved.


A commonly used measurement tool is an eye diagram test. This test is used to verify the impact of a component on the integrity of the interface signal. The chart shows a test of the eye pattern in which the Semtech Z-Platform device is protecting the new Thunderbolt transceiver. Therefore, this TVS can protect the interface for transmitting data at a rate of 20 Gbps per channel. As shown, the open eye pattern verification result around the test mask is that TVS does not adversely affect signal integrity.

ESD 钳位性能

An important performance indicator that sets Z-Platform apart is the ESD clamp voltage that these devices can achieve. One test method used to evaluate ESD clamp performance is the Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) test. A significant improvement in the ESD clamp in the TLP image can be seen by moving the red clamp curve to the left. With Z-Platform, a nearly vertical TLP curve can be achieved, resulting in an ultra-low dynamic resistance (Rdyn), a measure of the ESD transient efficiency of a TVS device. Z-Platform's superior ESD clamping performance provides designers with protection components and protection for very sensitive data transceivers on the market.


In addition to protecting against ESD transients, consumer electronics also need to have strong surge immunity. Today's portable electronic devices may experience strong current transients from incompatible charging sources. To protect these devices from incompatible power supplies, Z-Platform provides protection devices with better surge handling capabilities. As can be seen from the figure, the Z-Platform device can significantly reduce surge transients to a safer level while minimizing PCB space usage.