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2021年に営業としてIIJに入社。翌年にIoT事業部のプロモーション担当に転属し、現在に至る。珈琲、読書、喫茶店・バー巡り、古着、アニメ・映画鑑賞、ゲームなどなど割と多趣味。写真撮影もガッツリやっていて、そのうち個展 or グループ展を開きたいと思ってます。 Read more


Semtech has developed a single chip that supports the use of low power LoRa devices on bands from 150MHz up to 2.4GHz. This opens up the satellite S-band to dramatically simplify the development and global deployment of edge devices that use geolocation. Read more


Utilities of all types have a need to improve control and measurement of the commodities they supply in order to bill consumption accurately, reduce wastage, cut operational costs and give a better customer experience. Read more


Ecco perché investire in una gestione sostenibile degli asset migliora l'impronta ambientale delle organizzazioni, oltre che efficientarne i processi produttivi Read more

Semtech 被 Frost & Sullivan 评为 2022 年度全球公司……

Semtech’s commitment to innovative and transformative technologies remains a main competitive advantage, making the company a preferred provider over other participants. Read more

Gestión de una cadena de suministro global a temperatura controlada

Para que los cuatro elementos clave de la cadena de frío: transporte, almacenamiento, distribución y envasado sean eficaces, la supervisión de la cadena de frío debe aplicarse en todas las fases de la cadena de suministro. Read more

第 406 集:HomePod 归来

This week’s show kicks off with a discussion of Apple’s new HomePod, which has some cool machine learning capabilities and new sensors built into it, plus a higher price tag than most smart speakers. Then we talk about some deals in the enterprise and industrial sector with the $1.2 billion acquisition of Sierra Wireless by Semtech completed. Read more


For remote monitoring of seagrass meadows over extended areas, LoRa® offers a number of advantages over terrestrial connectivity technologies such as 4G and fibre. Read more


Herzlich Willkommen beim beam-Verlag in Marburg, dem Fachverlag für anspruchsvolle Elektronik-Literatur. Read more

2023 年 1 月工业以太网手册

The January/February 2023 issue of Industrial Ethernet Book provides extensive coverage of IIoT technology megatrends, and a special report on cables and connectors. Read more


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