SDI 设备

用于 SDI-over-IP 连接的半导体解决方案

Semtech 的 BlueRiver® 视听处理器芯片组标准提供 HDMI 连接,支持通过标准 10G 以太网路由和分发视听内容。关键应用,例如实时视频制作和医疗内窥镜检查,所用设备中的主要视听连接由串行数字接口 (SDI) 实现。运行速度高达 12Gbps 的 SDI 可以通过同轴电缆传输 4K60 视频,以实现长距离点对点连接。

To distribute SDI over an SDVoE™-based AV-over-IP system, the SDI signal must be converted to or from HDMI. Semtech’s new GS12170 SDI/HDMI Bridge device is the perfect companion chip, which when paired with any BlueRiver device, enables SDI-over-IP networks. The diagram shows an example of an SDI-enabled SDVoE Transmitter and Receiver for a live 4K remote camera application. AV signals from the SDI PTZ 4K camera are converted in the SDVoE Transmitter for transmission over the 10G network in HDMI format, and converted back to SDI in the SDVoE Receiver. The GS12170 SDI/HDMI Bridge is a single device that can be configured to convert both SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI.

图 1.使用基于 SDI 的 SDVoE 发射器和接收器的实时 4K 远程摄像头应用。

Inside the Box: BlueRiver and SDI Connectivity

Only three major components are required to convert SDI to IP and back, as shown in the diagram below. To support up to 4K60 over SDI, a Semtech 12G-SDI cable equalizer is paired with the GS12170 SDI/HDMI Bridge, configured in SDI to HDMI conversion mode. The GS12170 outputs HDMI signals over a standard TMDS interface which can be directly connected to the BlueRiver AV Processor chip. At the receiver, the reverse process is applied, with the TMDS output of the BlueRiver device connected directly to the GS12170 in HDMI to SDI conversion mode. Pairing the GS12170 with a Semtech 12G-SDI cable driver provides a fully SMPTE compliant SDI output.

Figure 2. Only three major components are required to convert SDI to IP and back: Semtech’s 12G-SDI cable equalizer, the GS12170 SDI/HDMI Bridge and BlueRiver.

SDI 辅助数据必须从源传输(如摄像机元数据),GS12170 提供辅助数据提取功能,允许外部微控制器 (MCU) 通过主机接口访问此数据并转换为 RS232 数据包,以便通过 10G 以太网络。接收器处的过程相反,GS12170 会将辅助数据重新插入 SDI 流中,如图所示。GS12170 还将在 SDI 和 HDMI 之间以 48kHz 或 96kHz 采样率转换多达八个通道的嵌入式数字音频。

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