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The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the retail industry with innovative solutions for supply chain efficiencies, utility conservation, store security, real-time merchandise monitoring, and smart ant-theft devices for retail stores. Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® protocol provide an efficient platform for long range, low cost and easy to deploy IoT retail applications.


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food safety and asset quality management white paper Axino 成功利用 Semtech 的 LoRa 器件、LoRa 传感器与人工智能算法,远程自动检测和管理冷藏食品温度,误差在一摄氏度以内。
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Discover IoT applications in the retail industry for LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol by downloading an infographic. 

How LoRa enables smart retail infographic InVue LIVE® 是为零售业开发的互联物联网平台,可实时追踪、监测和管理商店运营。详细了解通过 LoRa 器件和 LoRaWAN 协议实现的防盗监控、店内库存追踪、无线显示和货架图报告。
InVue and LoRa® Enable Smart Retail
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LoRa everywhere infographic 下载信息图,了解基于 LoRa 的产品如何改变世界并改善生活。
LoRa Everywhere
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See how retailers using IoT based on LoRa devices have enabled efficiencies in these real-world smart retail deployments.

LoRa smart retail operations
Smart Retail Operations

InVue 在其 InVue LIVE 解决方案中利用 LoRa Core™ 产品和 LoRaWAN 协议,用于零售展示、安全和运营,以提高零售利润率和安全性。 

LoRa smart energy monitoring

EasyReach 基于 LoRa 的 EasyPlug 可以跟踪零售冰箱和机器的能耗及移动情况,以防发生浪费、盗窃和篡改

LoRa-bases food waste prevention

GND Solutions 基于 LoRa 的智能制冷解决方案可帮助餐馆减少食物浪费,曾为一家五星级餐厅减少多达 40% 的食物管理运营成本。 

LoRa-based food safety & temperature monitoring solutions

CM Systems, LLC 与 Laird Connectivity 合作,共同将 LoRa 设备集成到 ComplianceMate 中。ComplianceMate 是一种食品安全温度监控解决方案,Shake Shack、Five Guys、Hard Rock Cafe、City Barbeque 以及 Hattie B 等零售商都在竞相使用,可防止因食品贮存温度不安全而造成的库存损失。 

LoRa-based smart refrigeration solution

Axino Solutions 基于 LoRa 的智能制冷解决方案可为食品零售行业跟踪食品温度,已在 Migros 等连锁超市中进行全球部署,每年可节省数十万欧元。 

LoRa-based smart water leakage detection

Apana 的智能水务监控系统利用 LoRa 技术为 Costco 等企业节省了高达 22% 的成本。 


Articles and press coverage of smart retail solutions featuring LoRa are listed below. 

How IoT Is Making Smart Retail Even Smarter

Through the deployment of a low-power and long-range IoT solution, real-time merchandise monitoring technology can track assets and help stores reduce the cost of having to replace them. This is a game-changer for stores that have long struggled to effectively manage in-store goods as IoT technology provides retailers with access to large amounts of data on customer activity. Read more

Semtech (SMTC) Expands Presence in IoT Market Via SAS Deal

Semtech Corporation SMTC is leaving no stone unturned to bolster presence in the booming Internet of Things (IoT) market on the back of strategic partnerships and robust LoRa technology. Read more
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Semtech 以 LoRaWAN® 助力 InVue LIVE 产品并革新零售运营

InVue 是智能硬件和软件系统的全球提供商,产品用于零售、消费电子和数据中心。Semtech Corporation 宣布与其合作,共同将 LoRaWAN® 协议集成到 InVue LIVE 兼容的产品中,涵盖零售展示、安全和运营。阅读更多

Semtech’s LoRa delivers actionable insights to retailers

Semtech Corporation 供应高性能模拟和混合信号半导体产品以及先进算法。InVue 是智能硬件和软件系统的全球提供商,产品用于零售、消费电子和数据中心。两家公司宣布合作,共同将 LoRaWAN 协议集成到 InVue LIVE 兼容的产品中,涵盖零售展示、安全和运营。阅读更多

How Hattie B’s Continues to Bring Hot Chicken to the Masses with Technology

ComplianceMate proactively tracks temperatures in refrigerators and freezers, eliminates human error in manually checking temps and other food safety procedures, and takes 50% less computer time than manual procedures. Read more

Why Smart Temperature Management Needs To Be A Priority For Your Supply Chain

In the era of connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are being deployed throughout the supply chain to actively monitor a key factor to food loss and waste: temperature fluctuations. According to the above FAO report, fruits and vegetables account for 21.6% of the total food lost, and roots, tubers and oil-bearing crops account for 25.3%. It’s estimated that just under half (46.9%) of these instances can be mitigated through temperature monitoring solutions. Through the deployment of a low-power and long range (LoRa) IoT solution, real-time temperature monitoring can occur at different levels in the supply chain. Read more
Refrigerated and Frozen Foods

IoT Solution Helps Grocery Retailers Remotely Monitor Temperature of Perishables

For the first time, grocery retailers are able to remotely and non-invasively monitor the product temperature of perishable food in refrigerated equipment. Read more
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农民使用 LoRaWAN 无线与物联网设备,监测肉牛的健康状况和位置;连锁餐厅用它连接物联网传感器,来监控商用冰箱内的温度变化。阅读更多
Enterprise IoT Insights

Shake Shack, Five Guys, Hard Rock Café put LoRaWAN on the menu

Restaurant chains Shake Shack, Five Guys and Hard Rock Café have deployed LoRa-based temperature monitoring systems in their commercial kitchens. Read more
Fierce Wireless

LoRa Finds Way Into Food Safety

The LoRa wireless protocol has shown a lot of promise in enabling a number of IoT applications. Now, food monitoring can be added to that list. Semtech Corporation, a supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, announced that Laird Connectivity has integrated LoRa devices and LoRaWAN protocol in temperature monitoring sensors developed for the ComplianceMate solution for food safety, created by CM Systems. Read more


Learn more about specific IoT use cases in retail leveraging LoRa devices.

LoRa-based Internet of Things smart asset tracking Axino 颠覆冷链制冷流程,确保食品质量。
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LoRa-based smart water leak detection monitor Apana 基于 LoRa 的智能漏水检测解决方案可帮助 Costco 等国际企业实时跟踪用水情况。
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Videos featuring retail IoT applications based on LoRa are presented below. Watch all LoRa videos here >>

Axino 颠覆冷链制冷流程,确保食品质量
基于 LoRa 的 Apana 智能水表