Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® standard are creating business efficiencies and improving lives around the world. With a multitude of Internet of Things (IoT) vertical applications in agriculture, smart cities, environment, healthcare, smart homes and buildings, industrial control, metering, and supply chain and logistics, Semtech is helping to change how the world works. The result is a more connected world with better ways to monitor and safeguard our communities, people and resources.

Semtech’s Circuit Protection products address the growing need to protect our ever-smaller devices from the threat of electrostatic discharge (ESD). As the demand for smaller electronic devices increases, the risk of damage to these devices from ESD (which are small electrical shocks benign to humans, but disastrous to our devices) also increases. For over three decades, Semtech has been a market leader in providing high-performance ESD and transient voltage suppression (TVS) protection solutions to safeguard the most advanced data interfaces on the market for industrial, telecommunication and automotive applications. Ensuring that critical connections are always up and running.

Semtech’s portfolio of high-speed optical transceiver ICs is a comprehensive portfolio of products that support key industry standards and help the world connect. Semtech’s Signal Integrity products are some of the most innovative optical, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions available. These devices serve the rising global demand for high-speed data transmission products by enabling applications such as data centers, Cloud computing and social networking.

Value Created by Products Offered


From measuring environmental conditions that influence crop production to tracking livestock health indicators, IoT technology for agriculture enables efficiencies which reduce environmental impact, maximize yield and minimize expenses. Smart agriculture use cases based on Semtech's LoRa-enabled devices and the LoRaWAN standard have demonstrated significant improvements, such as a 50% water reduction for commercial farms.

Applications: soil irrigation, soil moisture monitoring, cattle health monitoring including ingestible cattle heath trackers, and sensors that detect estrus that drive improved nutrition and predict the onset of disease to help ranchers better monitor their herd.


Everyday municipal operations are made more efficient with the LoRa devices and LoRaWAN standard's long range, low power, secure, and GPS-free geolocation features. By connecting city services such as lighting, parking, waste removal, and more, cities can optimize the use of utilities and personnel to save time and money. 

Applications: smart metering and lighting solutions, structural health monitoring system, smart water leakage detection, smart street lighting, and smart waste management


By implementing a network of sensors and gateways embedded with LoRa devices and LoRaWAN standard across a region, environmental indicators can be measured and reported for data analysis in real-time, detecting issues before they become crises. From air quality monitoring to radiation leak detection, LoRa-enabled IoT solutions for the environment help protect citizens from environmental dangers. Sensors can also be used to protect the lives of endangered species, such as the black rhinoceroses currently being helped by LoRa-enabled devices in the Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania, Africa. Sensors track animal locations so that security personnel can more easily watch over the rhinos, monitor entry and exit gates and track the welfare of personnel in the park.

Applications: smart flood sensors, natural disaster communication and endangered species protection.


LoRa devices and LoRaWAN standard's low power, low cost and reliable performance make it suitable for critical smart healthcare applications. IoT solutions comprised of LoRa-enabled devices can monitor high-risk patients or systems around the clock, ensuring health and medical safety are never overlooked.

Applications: food safety temperature monitoring, dementia patient tracking and location and smart wearables for kids and seniors.


LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard's low power qualities and ability to penetrate dense building materials make it an ideal platform for IoT-connected smart home and building devices. In addition, the long range capabilities make it possible for LoRa-enabled devices and the LoRaWAN standard to track assets that stray from home. Sensors in smart home and building applications can detect danger, optimize utility usage and more to improve the safety and convenience of everyday living.

Applications: water leakage detection and damage prevention, smart fire evacuation, smart door locks, and structural health monitoring system


Industrial operations can benefit from the deployment of IoT-connected sensors for various always-on monitoring functions. Due to the long range, low power, and long battery life of LoRa-enabled devices, sensors in manufacturing plants or mobile industries can relay critical data to a LoRaWAN network where it can be analyzed and businesses operations can be optimized. 

Applications: smart construction machine usage, smart mining solutions, smart industrial management, remote sensors in harsh environments, tank flow monitoring, and indoor air quality industrial temperature


Traditional utility operations are labor intensive and utilize subjective measurement by field personnel. Additionally, meters are often located in dense urban environments, indoors or even underground, which can be difficult or impossible to reach by many wireless technologies. By implementing a smart utilities infrastructure comprised of sensors and gateways utilizing LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard, utility and metering companies can collect data remotely and use personnel more efficiently to streamline operations. 

Applications: ultrasonic water metering, intelligent water metering, smart gas metering, real-time utility monitoring, real-time water metering, smart water and gas management, public utility regulation, and transformer monitoring devices.


LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard make it easy and affordable for smart supply chain and logistics to track highly valued assets that are in transit. Due to long range and low power consumption qualities and GPS-free geolocation abilities, cargo, vehicles and other assets can be easily monitored over large geographic regions and within harsh environments.

Applications: LoRa-based location tracker, smart art conservation, food safety temperature monitoring, smart refrigeration solutions, food waste prevention, bike share location tracking, and fleet tracking.


Semtech is leading the way in TVS protection solutions that safeguard electronics systems against damage or latch-up caused by ESD, lightning (surge), and other destructive voltage transients. Our circuit protection devices feature low clamping voltage, low capacitance, low leakage current, and offer robust protection to the industry’s most stringent immunity standards. As a leader in the data interface protection market, Semtech TVS devices protect all of the key data ports and ESD-sensitive touchpoints commonly found on electronic system interfaces


Semtech 是网络标准开发的积极贡献者,已经交付超过十亿片光学 IC。丰富的实践经验和行业的领导地位相结合,使我们能够为各种各样的应用提供一流的解决方案。Semtech 的光收发器 IC 产品包括从 100Mbps 到逾 400Gbps 的速率,并支持光纤通道、InfiniBand®、以太网、通用公共射频接口 (CPRI)、无源光网络 (PON)、同步光网络 (SONET) 和 PCI Express® 等关键行业标准。

Semtech 的信号完整性产品包括:用于低成本 25G SFP28 模块的 ClearEdge® CDR 平台,它将成为 5G 基础设施建设的重要组成部分;帮助推动当前云数据中心扩建的 Tri-Edge™ CDR 和 FiberEdge™ 线性物理媒体相关 (PMD) 器件;先进的激光驱动器;限幅放大器和收发器;ROSA;信号调节器;跨阻放大器 (TIA)。这些产品设计用于关键的数据中心部署,可提供高性能低功率优势,有助于减少设施对电网的巨大电力需求。


Semtech has received a number of awards including most recently:

  • Embedded Computing Design Best in Show, Embedded World Conference & Exhibition 2022

    • Connectivity Award: LoRa Edge™ LR1120

  • Elektra Awards 2018年度模拟信号半导体产品奖:授予 Semtech 的 SX126x LoRa Sub-GHz 射频收发器(2018 年 12 月 5 日)

  • National Diversity Council award for excellence in leadership: awarded to Semtech CEO Mohan Maheswaran (October 1, 2018)

  • Elektra Awards 2016

    • Micron Technology 赞助的物联网产品创新奖:LoRa 

    • Company of the Year 

  • IoT Evolution Connected Home and Building Awards, from IoT Evolution Magazine

    • 创新奖:LoRa

    • Innovation Award: Neo-Iso® 

  • 2016 Multicultural Leadership Award from the National Diversity Council for excellence in diversity leadership: awarded to Semtech CEO Mohan Maheswaran (June 15, 2016)

  • 49th Annual City of Camarillo Community Awards - Business of the Year: awarded to Semtech for its outstanding contributions to the community through its conservation, medical, community and charitable initiatives. (March 9, 2016)