Semtech 宣布推出新型芯片解决方案,即适用于广播视频的 GS12170 SDI/HDMI 桥接芯片

Semtech 宣布推出新型芯片解决方案,即适用于广播视频的 GS12170 SDI/HDMI 桥接芯片

Reducing time-to-market, industry-first chip eliminates need for costly Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) components

CAMARILLO, Calif., Mar. 24, 2021 — Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, today announced  its new, industry-first GS12170 SDI/HDMI Bridge chip which enables low power, seamlessly connected, uncompressed 4K-video, multichannel audio, and large amounts of metadata to cross the barrier between HDMI and SDI without requiring an FPGA. The GS12170 is a single-chip solution for converting HDMI signals to SDI (or vice versa) and when paired with Semtech’s industry-leading 12G UHD-SDI reclocking cable equalizers and cable drivers, the chip allows for a long-reach, high-performance, low power SDI connection.

GS12170 消除了对昂贵 FPGA 的需求,使低成本 HDMI 扩展器从高清转换为 4K。搭配 Semtech 的 GS12341 时钟恢复 SDI 自适应 UHD-SDI 电缆均衡器和 GS12281 时钟恢复 UHD-SDI 电缆驱动器时,UHD 级同轴电缆的传输距离可超过 100 米 ,同时功耗远低于以前。

GS12170 features include:

  • Conversion of HDMI to SDI, SDI to HDMI or SDI to SDI (gearbox) in a single chip
  • Full support for video formats compatible with SDI from HD-SDI to 12G UHD-SDI, including both single-link and multilink connections
  • 支持高达 4Kp60 4:2:2 YCbCr 10 位 (UHDTV-1) 的格式
  • Support for RGB, 4:4:4 and 12-bit interfaces
  • Automatic HDMI and SDI audio embedding and de-embedding
  • Dedicated I2S audio pins for up to 16-channels of audio at 48kHz sampling frequency; 8-channels of audio at 96kHz sampling frequency
  • Automatic handling and conversion between SMPTE ST 352 Stream ID and CTA 861 Infoframes
  • 专用的高速辅助数据接口,用于处理大型元数据有效负载
  • 专用的 SMPTE 时间码生成和插入功能

Combining the benefits of low-power operation with a small footprint, the GS12170 is ideal for integration in 4K monitors, cameras, extenders, format converters, production switchers, and other AV equipment. In addition to direct interfacing to HDMI ISPs, the GS12170 can be used to add low-cost HDMI confidence monitoring to applications where dedicated SDI monitoring may be cost prohibitive. Learn more about GS12170 SDI/HDMI Bridge on the Semtech website.

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