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Semtech 为其 AirLink 路由器增加混合云功能

Semtech says it has blended the flexibility of cloud technology and the customer control of on-site infrastructure, in its AirLink routers offering unparalleled security and control that aligns with Zero Trust strategies. Read more

Rochester Electronics 与 Semtech 合作开发混合信号解决方案

As technology continues to redefine our world, the partnership between Rochester Electronics, LLC and Semtech Corporation emerges as a significant milestone. Read more
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光学技术在 5G、5.5G 和 6G 中的作用

Moving to 5.5G and 6G will require a solid telecommunications infrastructure to handle the next wave of connected devices. Read more

Semtech 与 Rochester Electronics 签署报废混合信号芯片协议

Semtech has signed a deal with Rochester Electronics to provide long lifetime and end of life (EoL) support for its mixed signal devices. Read more

5G 将如何彻底改变制造业及其为工业用户带来的好处

While 5G has the potential to enable a variety of new high-value use-cases, it will require a robust infrastructure capable of providing large quantities of bandwidth at an ultra-low latency while also reducing power consumption. Read more

Rochester Electronics 将提供 Semtech 的有源和报废混合信号解决方案

Rochester Electronics, LLC and Semtech Corporation have collaborated to provide customers with a broad range of mixed-signal solutions and continued channel support for active and end-of-life (EOL) components, catering to long-lifecycle products and applications that align with Semtech's dedication to meeting the needs of global customers. Read more

LoRaWAN 及其全球可持续发展使命

LoRaWAN And Its Global Sustainability Mission Read more
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Semtech 和 Oxit 合作,通过与适用于 Amazon Sidewalk 的 AWS IoT Core 和适用于 LoRaWAN 的 AWS IoT Core 无缝集成来简化物联网设备连接

OxTech Multi-Connectivity Module unites AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN and AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk, expanding customers' connectivity choices with multiple LoRa(R) networks Read more

Semtech 与 Kairos 开展项目合作

Semtech has partnered with Kairos, an Atlanta-based leak detection company, to provide water monitoring and leak protection at the renowned Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. Read more

Semtech 和 Kairos 实施泄漏检测系统以保护历史悠久的吉拉德利广场建筑

Kairos’ leak detection strip sensors and gateways based on Semtech’s LoRa (long range) technology operate on a LoRaWAN network and connect to the cloud to enable real-time monitoring. Read more


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