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Semtech and AIUT Optimize Petroleum Gas Management with LoRa® Devices

Semtech Corporation announced that AIUT, a hardware and software provider specializing in Internet of Things (IoT)-based solutions in the oil and gas markets, has integrated Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® protocol into its new line of intelligent sensors for measuring the volume of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in tanks. Read more

System-Level Perspective Optimizes the Performance of Location Technology for Asset Management

Asset management is one of the key applications enabled by the internet of things. The combination of smart devices and communications makes it possible to keep track of any tool or device in an inventory entirely automatically Read more

Semtech’s Tri-Edge CDR SR Solutions Address Next-Gen Data-Center Multimode Interconnectivity

To get a deeper insight into the benefits of their new offering, we reached out to Timothy Vang, VP of marketing and applications at Semtech. Read more
IoT Business News

Semtech 和 Smart Mimic 使用基于 LoRa® 的消费性设备保障房间与物品的安全

MimicGO 传感器既能即时、便携且安全的部署,又能提供有关资产位置或房间篡改的实时状态更新。 Read more


受水资源地域分布和分布不均的影响,多数关于水资源的顾虑一直集中在可用淡水的供应上。通过管理可用淡水资源来减少或消除浪费,无疑会减轻压力。这正是领先的科技公司 Apana 要实现的目标:其会应用物联网 (IoT) 的优势,帮助客户通过消除浪费和污染来解决急迫的合规性问题。 Read more

Leveraging IoT Technology for Good

Global businesses and communities have consistently turned to the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to increase efficiencies and deliver better services. Research supports this sentiment as Juniper predicts that IoT platform revenues will reach $66 billion in 2020, a 20 percent increase over last year’s figure. Read more
IoT Business News

Semtech 的 LoRa® 器件使用远程连接技术监测超级马拉松跑步者

Everynet 的地理定位解决方案可实时跟踪跑步者,支持通过按钮警报快速响应安全成功事件。 Read more

狮子和猎豹 GPS 项圈:如何利用物联网和开源技术保护珍稀动物

新一代物联网技术具有灵活的配置选项和更长的电池寿命,可近乎实时地跟踪保护区内的关键物种。 Read more
RFID Journal


在物联网技术的助力下,低功耗无线连接的融合、基于云的处理功能以及数据分析共同改变了商业房地产行业。 Read more

Semtech 的 PAM4 CDR 平台进入生产阶段

芯片供应商 Semtech Corporation 已宣布量产 GN2558 和 GN2559,即 Tri-Edge™ CDR SR 解决方案,以实现新一代数据中心多节点互联。GN2558 是配备集成式 VCSEL 驱动器的四通道 PAM4 CDR,GN2559 是配备集成式线性跨阻放大器 (TIA) 的四通道 PAM4 CDR。 Read more

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