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GS12170 SDI/HDMI 模式参考设计套件的设置和启用

GS12170 SDI / HDMI bridge has 3 configurable modes, SDI-to-HDMI, HDMI-to-SDI and SDI Gearbox modes with Audio / Timecode / Ancillary data insertion / extraction. This video demonstrates the SDI-to-HDMI mode start up using Graphic User Interface and RDK-GS12170-S2H board that has GS12170 SDI-to-HDMI mode and GS12341 12G UHD-SDI Reclocking Adaptive Cable Equalizer as SDI inputs. All documents such as GS12170 datasheet, RDK-GS12170-S2H user guide, and GUI installer are available on mySemtech, Semtech document portal site. Learn more here: