Semtech 交付初步量产的 Quad ClearEdge® CDR,适用于 100G 数据中心应用

Semtech 交付初步量产的 Quad ClearEdge® CDR,适用于 100G 数据中心应用

ICs offer a very small die size to enable <2W optical modules

ROME at ECOC Exhibition, Sept. 24, 2018Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, today announced initial production of two devices: its quad ClearEdge® CDR with an integrated vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) laser driver and its quad ClearEdge CDR with an integrated transimpedance amplifier (TIA). The integrated circuits (ICs) offer a very small die size of 3.02 mm by 2.04 mm with 1.36W of combined typical power to enable <2W optical modules.

“We expect 100G Active Optical Cables to continue growing with data centers, and Semtech’s new ClearEdge CDR IC bundle allows our customers the ability to enable the critical cost structure while deploying disruptive power and performance,” said Dr. Timothy Vang, Vice President of Marketing and Applications for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group.

Semtech is exhibiting at the 44th European Conference on Optical Communication Exhibition (ECOC) in Rome from Sept. 23-27 in booth 424, meetings and demonstrations by appointment.

ClearEdge CDR (GN2108S) Product Information:

  • ClearEdge GN2108S 是一款集成了 VCSEL 激光驱动器的四通道 CDR
  • 用于 100G QSFP28 SR4 模块和有源光缆等应用
  • Extended data rate (24.0 Gbps to 28.1 Gbps) and i-Temp support
  • 尺寸小,裸芯片尺寸为 3.02 mm x 2.04 mm
  • 专有 VCSEL 补偿功能支持各种 VCSEL
  • Adaptive continuous time linear equalization (CTLE) to improve link robustness

ClearEdge CDR (GN2109S) Product Information:

  • ClearEdge GN2109S 是一款集成了 TIA 的四通道 CDR  
  • 用于 100G QSFP28 SR4 模块和有源光缆等 850 nm 的应用中
  • Offers best-in-class sensitivity and overload performance
  • Extended data rate (24.0 Gbps to 28.1 Gbps) and i-Temp support 
  • 600mW(典型值)超低功耗
  • 3.02 mm 超小核心尺寸,裸核心尺寸为 2.04 mm


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